Welcome to the official website of the alumni of Carmelites Fanar.

Please click on the button below and create an account for us to keep in touch with you and to organize future events. Please try to fill as much information as possible and provide additional comments as this will help us in choosing the type of events to organize in the future.

About the alumni website

This is website is different than the school's main website, which you can access here: www.carmel-liban.com

The main goal behind separating the two websites is for us, as a committee, and for you as alumni members, to have a single location we use to communicate.

Why are we reviving the alumni of our school?

  1. Connecting with people you already trust is good for everyone
  2. Try to do good for our school
  3. Try to do good for our community in general

Why are we organizing the May 19th Lunch?

  1. Re-Connect with all our old friends
  2. Launch the alumni and announce future events and committee and all
  3. Gather info about all alumni members to keep in touch